Thomas Numan is the founder of the Synthetic project. He has been active for more than 10 years, trying to spread the ‘quality side’  of electronic music Currently based in Thessaloniki, he is heavily influenced from the long time he spent in the UK. It was there that he got exposed to the electronic sound more intensively and got fascinated by the local clubbing culture. His passion for music lead him initially to attempt mixing records and later start organizing his own event. He has been building his record collection for almost 15 years now and is still a 100% vinyl jockey. Thomas is a chameleon when it comes to his sets, as he always adjusts to the occasion. It is hard to predict  his sets, as they cover a lot of different sub-genres. However, there is a common aesthetic and feeling.

Synthetic is his new brainchild. The organization has already organized more than 30 events in 11 different venues of Thessaloniki, have presented more than 20 notable international artists, supported by the best Greek talent.