Konstantinos Budolas also know as “Bu$$” was born in Thessaloniki, Greece. When Costa visited Fabric, The End, the Lost Parties & Velvet Rooms in London during 2001, he decided to move to London the very next year, where he also started collecting vinyl.
After finishing his studies, he founded the deep house & techno imprint Bliq Records along with good friend Manos Mara. The labels focuses in supporting mostly new & upcoming talents combined with remixes from underground artists like XDB , Fred P , Conforce,Thor, Nicuri etc and with 14 releases already the label is already in the Top 100.His dj sets are a combination of many genres that he explores and supports but in a way that everything connects each other in a deep spacey way .
Staying true to the heritage of electronic music Bliq tries to maintains a low profile and focus on the music rather than advertisement and promotion. The releases are in vinyl only, in attempt to support the original medium used by DJs.
He also co-runs Olympos .
In Ancient Greek Mythology, Olympos was the living place of the Twelve Olympian Gods and has inspired our limited series record label under the same name.

Olympos, will release a series of Eps , with the figure of an Olympian God, from various artists which will remain unannounced until the project is complete.

Konstantinos is also a co/founder of Default which is an interdisciplinary network of artists, architects, designers, and musicians located in Greece. Fusing individual creative tensions through synergy, default aims at bringing together various fields of art. Our purpose is to promote and support what we like in an unconditional level.