UK & Ghana based production duo The Busy Twist make African inspired Bass Music that re-joins the dots between Accra and London. Building a sound whose musical genealogy is a fusion of deepest club rhythms from both continents, forging aural fire, raising temperatures on dance floors around the world. 

No strangers to recording in uncharted territories, they have spent years in the field, literally in the jungles of Colombia and on the beaches of Ghana, filming and recording in hot sweaty unglamorous studios the raw tropical rhythms and then engineering the sonics into sound system shaking bangers. 

Peep their discography, releases include the Soundway SNDW 12013 Friday Night EP as well as being featured on the Ministry of Sound compilation Ibiza Rocks 2011. Now they present own imprint, The Peoples’ Ear, a label whose sole purpose is to press up 21st century African inspired Bass Music. 

Having crafted a sound, they now are creating the ultimate Dj set of the heaviest African inspired dancefloor fillers. The Busy Twist are now embarking on a club tour of Europe and the UK, bringing the heat of tropics to Europe with tectonic zeal creating DJ performances that have cemented them as one of the most exciting acts there is. And, of course, there is video footage to prove it. They are currently preparing they’re live show. In the meantime check out our short films on YouTube and remember in Ghana The Busy Twist means Bass Music.