K.atou started collecting electronic music oriented 
records at the age of 17, while she found herself
DJing one year later. During her studies at Corfu,
she was playing music at local venues, as well as
hosting frequent parties and a radio show every wee
kend. When K.atou moved to the UK, she
continued her DJ career and got booked at the famou
s Synch festival of contemporary electronic
arts on the Red Bull Home Groove stage. In 2006 the
NY label Goosehound appointed her as
"foreign diplomat". After a trip in US and Canada f
or music meditating, K.atou began producing and
signed tracks at the respected Berlin based Einmale
ins musik label.
In 2007 K.atou changed again her base and moved to
Berlin. Since then she has made numerous
performances all around the US and Europe, at the D
etroit Electronic Music Festival’s after-hours
parties and festivals such as Glastonbury and Rizzl
a event. This Athens-born young lady is
responsible for bringing fresh four-to-the-floor be
ats to her home city's clubs, while her career
skyrocketed to international recognition. Today she
’s a globe-trotting DJ femme-fatale with a vault
of Chicago and Detroit house gems that have become
the core of her creative house-based sets. She
shows off just how tasteful and passionate she is a
bout good house music.